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<h1>WorkBoard's Native Integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps Strengthens OKR Offering for Enterprise Product Teams</h1>
<p>Redwood City, CA, March 4, 2020 ? WorkBoard, the Enterprise Strategy and Results Management market leader, today announced native integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps for its Enterprise Results Platform, further deepening its interoperability across the Microsoft suite of products.</p>
<p>Already integrated with Microsoft Office favoritesРІ?? Teams and Outlook, this new integration now empowers developers using Azure DevOps to take advantage of WorkBoardРІ??s leading Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) software within the software development and issue tracking solution.</p>
<p>As development teams manage their work in Azure DevOps, they can use WorkBoardРІ??s OKRs to quantify how they contribute to the organizationРІ??s strategic priorities, clarify the РІ??whyРІ?? in their work and quantify its impact. WorkBoard gives everyone visibility into how development efforts align with company strategy and the progress toward measurable business outcomes.</p>
<p>РІ??Products are the core of any companyРІ??s value to customers so itРІ??s crucial to align development and innovation efforts with the organizationРІ??s strategic priorities. Of course, product teams are hungry to make a real impact on customers and their company as well ? so aligning and bringing objectives and key results into line of sight day to day is a real win for them as well as customers and the company,РІ?? said Deidre Paknad, CEO and co-founder of WorkBoard. РІ??This new integration with Azure DevOps brings OKRs and a structured way of really measuring the near-term business value of work into developersРІ?? experience as they manage that work in Azure DevOps.РІ??</p>
<p>While the sprints and tasks in Azure DevOps help track what work needs to be done and team output, OKRs in WorkBoard measures and manages teamsРІ?? business outcomes that work should drive. WorkBoard provides a common, transparent structure to align, define and measure results within product teams and across the array of teams in the customer value chain.</p>
<p>With the new integration, WorkBoard provides a native user experience of OKRs inside the Azure DevOps product and allows users to identify work being tracked in Azure DevOps to update progress toward a key result automatically. Product team users can now:</p>
<li>Display OKRs defined in WorkBoard as a tab in the Azure DevOps experience.</li>
<li>See, navigate and comment on OKRs within Azure DevOps.</li>
<li>Quickly update progress toward key results from within Azure DevOps.</li>
<li>Automatically update key result progress in WorkBoard as work is completed in Azure DevOps.</li>
<li>Give the rest of the organization transparency on the objectives and key results every product team is driving.</li>
<p>The Azure DevOps integration builds on WorkBoardРІ??s close relationship with Microsoft:</p>
<li>Microsoft uses WorkBoardРІ??s Enterprise Results Platform for OKRs.</li>
<li>WorkBoardРІ??s Enterprise Results Platform is also integrated with Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams, as well as GitHub.</li>
<li>WorkBoardРІ??s deep integration with Teams is popular with both companiesРІ?? enterprise customers and allows management of OKRs through conversations and brings WorkBoard views into Teams. M12, MicrosoftРІ??s venture capital arm, is an investor in WorkBoard and participated in its last three rounds of funding.</li>
<p>WorkBoard is used by large enterprises and fast-growth companies to communicate, align, measure and achieve strategic priorities faster. While itРІ??s typically used across the entire enterprise, the capabilities development teams use most enable:</p>
<li>Development teams to set clear and impactful objectives and key results, including OKRs for the products, pods and squads that better match how technology teams really work. OKR alignment and mirroring key results across teams to continuously surface dependencies and see how work contributes to the overall company growth and customer objectives.</li>
<li>Automation of tedious operating and product review preparation, giving everyone continuous transparency on the progress to strategic priorities without the heavy reporting burden.</li>
<li>Smarter and more productive group meetings and huddles with objectives and key results on the agenda and tracking of decisions meeting to meeting.</li>
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Azure devops office integration <a href="http://remmont.com">America news today</a> Azure devops office integration
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WorkBoard announces native integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps for its Enterprise Results Platform, further deepening its interoperability across the Microsoft suite of products.
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Azure devops office integration <a href="http://remmont.com">Azure devops office integration</a> Azure devops office integration
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